One large continent with various smaller island countries dotted around it’s edges. The world is ruled by a vast yet benign empire, established by 5 reformed Chromatic dragons – Maekrix the Red, Bensvelk the Green, Vorel the Blue, Laraek the White and Sjach the Purple. These names were chosen by their respective owners and translated from the Draconic are; Leader, Good, Beautiful, Weapon, and Shadow respectively. Only Chromatic and Catastrophic Dragons exist, and have little intelligence and have generally had their gazes made unusable.

This knowledge is common place and is told orally to children from a young age. Chromatic Dragons were once powerful and intelligent overlords, ruling over the lands with an iron claw. Their minds and gazes were sealed by a group of powerful magi known as The Circle. Upon discovering one of many caches of dragon eggs, the circle were unsure of what to do with them. some suggested that they attempt to teach these future wrymlings, and other more vengeful members suggested a mass purge. The group finally decided on a split effort. The group split into two splinter groups dedicated to reforming the dragons and destroying the dragons, known as the Circle of Hope and Cult of Despair respectively. They would not quarrel over matters concerning the other, and they would similarly not give aid. Over all, the Cult of Despair performed with much more success. Their cull numbered in the hundreds, a large amount for such a small group and against such powerful foes. The Circle of Hope managed to successfully teach but 2 wrymlings, a Red and a Black Dragon.

The Red and the Black dragons would later become Maekrix the Red and Dartak the Black. Raised as brothers despite their difference in race, the two were inseparable from birth until the day that they were told the truth of their race’s downfall. Maekrix saw the honour in the humans actions who were forced to defend themselves, whereas Dartak saw only shame for his people. He struggled to love his surrogate family whom he had grown close to, and eventually broke free of the circle, slaughtering all members on his escape. In his flight, he also faced Maekrix in combat and wounded Maekrix’s face horribly, tearing out an eye and most of the right side of his face.



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